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The Nationals 2017


Competition Classes and Rules


Entry forms to download and fill out:

Entry form (Excel) or  (PDF),   Model description sheet (Word) or (PDF) ,   How to complete Entry forms (PDF)


Miniature AFV Association UK National Championships

Bring and Buy        Rules         Amendments from 2010    




Registration opens


Registration closes


Judging starts


Judging finishes


Prize announcements!



                                                                                MAFVA members only: Classes 1 to 8 - small scale (up to 1/49)


Tracked armour - kit


Tracked armour - conversion


Wheeled & semi-tracked armour - kit


Wheeled & semi-tracked armour - conversion


Softskin - kit


Softskin - conversion






                                                                                MAFVA members only: Classes 9 to 16 - large scale (1/48th and larger)


Tracked armour - kit


Tracked armour - conversion


Wheeled & semi-tracked armour - kit


Wheeled & semi-tracked armour - conversion


Softskin - kit


Softskin - conversion






                                                            MAFVA members only: Class 17 - Artillery (any scale)


Artillery piece (with or without towing vehicle)


                                                                                MAFVA members only: Class 18 - Junior (any scale)


Vehicle, artillery piece or diorama


Juniors Competition sponsored by: Armourfast


                                                                                Open (to non-MAFVA members) classes 19 to 21 - Open Competition


Junior - vehicle, artillery piece (with or without towing vehicle) or diorama


Senior - vehicle, artillery piece (with or without towing vehicle) or diorama


Figures - individual or group of up to three figures

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Miniature AFV Association

UK National Championships Competition 

We are grateful to Armourfast for sponsoring the Junior competition, and to Airfix Modelworld, Casemate Publications, Revell, and Yanks for general sponsorship!



1.   The MAFVA National Championships are open to members of the Miniature AFV Association only - the organisers reserve the right to request sight of prospective entrants’ membership cards.  It will be possible to join the Association on the day of the Championships at the MAFVA control desk.


2.    The Open Competition is open to all entrants.


3.    Bases must not exceed four square feet in area (i.e. 576 sq. In.) for any entry - this is in order to leave adequate space for other models.  Other than in classes 8, 16, 18, 19, 20 or 21, a model should not extend more than 3” (large scale) or 1.5” (small scale) beyond the model’s basic structure for similar reasons.  Outsize models may be allowed by prior arrangement with the Chief Judge.


4.    Juniors are those aged 16 or  under on the day of the competition judging.


5.     In the event that a class contains less than three entries, the organisers may, at their discretion, combine such classes with others deemed to be of a similar nature in order to maintain competition.  Entrants are requested to ensure that entries are sufficiently robust to permit this although efforts will be made to arrange for any such movements to be carried out by the entrant.


6.    Whilst the organisers will take reasonable care to protect entries from damage and stewards will be on duty to assist in this, no liability can be accepted by the organisers for any damage which occurs during the period of the show.


7.   Other than in classes 8, 16, 18, 19, 20 or 21, a maximum of one figure not mounted on the vehicle may be present.  Such a figure should be passive only (i.e. not engaged in any activity) otherwise the entry would be deemed a diorama.  Figures on the vehicle, so long as they are in positions in which they would be expected to travel, are permitted in all classes.


8.     Any vehicle may tow a small single-axle trailer.


9.     A vehicle is defined as one which is either self-propelled by means of an engine, or horse-drawn. 


10.  Judging will be by one or more panels of experienced modellers selected by the organisers on the basis of their experience and depth and breadth of knowledge.


11.  Award winners and the Best of Show winner will each receive a certificate and trophy.  Additional awards may be presented at the organisers’ discretion.


12.  Additional special awards may be made by those wishing to sponsor them and judging arrangements for these will be agreed separately between the organisers and the sponsors


13.  In the event of a dispute, the decision of the organisers shall be final in all matters and no correspondence will be entered into.



Outsize models may be allowed by prior arrangement with the Chief Judge.

See competition entry rules for model size limits.


Model:  A representation of a vehicle, object or figure.  There should be some work done by the modeller in construction or finishing.  

Kit:  A model constructed from a commercial kit.  It may be plastic, resin, metal or mixed materials.  It may be improved or corrected with commercial or scratch built items, but should still depict the model from the box, ie. it is still the same version or mark.

Conversion:  An alteration of the basic kit to another version or Mark.  Examples are adding wading gear, not provided in the kit, to a Sherman or changing a Panzer IV Ausf. F to a Panzer IV Ausf. A.

Scratchbuilt: A model where a large part of the model is made by the modeller and not from commercial items.

Diorama: A model consisting of a vehicle or vehicles or other objects with a figure or figures and scenery. The assemblage should be coherent and depict a scene or event.  All components of the diorama will be judged. 

The competition entry desk will open at 10am and close at 12.45pm. Competition entry forms can be downloaded from the website, and will save time if completed in advance.





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The Nationals 2017

 Clubs and exhibitors attending

 as of Jan 2017


Attending MAFVA Branches & clubs:


Bedfordshire MAFVA

Cambridge MAFVA


London MAFVA

Mendip MAFVA

Northern Home Counties MAFVA

South Staffs MAFVA

South Wales MAFVA

Suffolk MAFVA

Sussex MAFVA

Warwickshire MAFVA



Clacton IPMS

Duxford Aviation Society Military Vehicle Wing

Gravesham MMS


IPMS Barnet/Harrow

IPMS Out of the Box SIG


IPMS British Modern SIG

IPMS Churchill SIG

John Woolford

Letchworth Scale Model Club

Mildenhall Model Club

New City Scale Model Club

Shepway Military Modelling Society

Starmer's Armour

Not forgetting:
the internationally famous MAFVA Bring&Buy and






The Nationals 2017

Traders attending

as of Jan 2017




Avid Reader


Black Lion


Bull Models


Dan Taylor Modelworks


Early War Miniatures


Giesbers Models




Kit Krazy


Matador Models


Milicast Model Company


Paper Panzers



Pol Models


SGT's Mess


Sovereign 2000





MAFVA Nationals Great Bring and Buy Sale

It is that time of the year to get rid of that loft insulation and bring your unwanted kits to the MAFVA Bring and Buy at the Nationals. 

Do you have old un-wanted and unloved kits cluttering up your loft/garage/study/spare room/wardrobe?

Want to turn them into cash for new kits? 

Then bring them to St Ives on 19 June 2016 and let MAFVA sell them for you. Two tables at the show have been set aside so that members can sell their unwanted kits. Just drop them off and let us do the selling. Call back at the end of the show and pick up any un-sold kits and your cash. No photographs to take, no wrapping and packing or trips to the post office to sell them via E Bay. Let MAFVA do the hard work. Just drop them off and then once you are ready to leave, come back and pocket the cash. MAFVA will deduct 10% of the value of the sold items and that will go towards helping to fund the show – so not only are you helping yourself, you are also helping the Association. Contact Simon Ward by E mail for an application form and more details.

If interested please see attached information sheet and return completed Form to Simon Ward ASAP. Please be aware that I will only be able to take kits on the day if you have completed and returned the Form to me before the 22 May. Grateful if you would distribute amongst your branch as you see fit.

Thanks and see you in June.

Tom Cole



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